L. B. Maryborough

I have severe osteoarthritis, spondylosis with stenosis together with fibromyalgia.

Deb gives me a regular massage with Bowen and finishes off with Reiki.

I find that after her therapy my body is relaxed with less pain. The Bowen instantly releases my trigger /pressure points which actually seem to tingle. She has magical hands and I would recommend her to anyone with chronic pain.

M.P. Maryborough

Deb has helped me tremendously, have been going to her for a few years now! A virus that affected my nervous system and very painful, doctors said Panadol and rest, pffft, after a couple of years in so much pain and not being able to lift arms etc, went and saw Deb, within 2 days was able to lift arms as normal and pain subsided.  Then we worked on rest of body, she has helped me with digestive problems, prolapse, anxiety, depression and general well being with diet and herbs, never felt better!

R.Z. Maryborough

I’ve been going to Deb now for a few years for Bowen Therapy/Massage and for naturopathy.  The combination of Bowen and Massage has benefited my body immensely – particularly my neck and back which tenses up due to sitting at a computer all day long.  I suffer from reflux and have been ingesting prescription drugs for that condition over the past 15 years.  Deb helped me cull some items from my diet (through a hair analysis test) and along with some natural therapies I’ve now been able to reduce my prescription drug milligram dosage and frequency to keep my reflux at bay. Would highly recommend Deb’s services.

T.L. Maryborough

I can testify that from the 1st time I had a consultation with Debbie, my health improved and over the years my health has continued to improve. Her dedicated support, advice and excellent understanding of the workings and needs of my body have helped me enormously.

Any area of health issue that I have ever taken to Debbie has been considered and resolved by her common sense attention to diet and her extensive knowledge of supplements. Debbie fully understands my health needs. Colonics are an addition to Debbie’s care which have a cleansing and washing effect on the body of toxins.

Debbie manages a highly professional practice with discretion and detail, her passion is at a very sincere personal level. I highly recommend her as a natural health professional and am grateful for her assistance in me maintaining a healthy life.

K.G. Bundaberg

OMG, what can I say about this lovely lady who saved me from a world of pain. I am a 49 year old lady with a few medical problems like osteoporosis, back problems and also just been diagnosed with Diverticulitis as well as irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia. With the new disease it causes so much pain and a lot of blockages, now trying to figure out what I can eat. After 5 days in the hospital and docs saying there is nothing they can do I was at my wits end, so sick could not do anything or go anywhere due to fear of some sort of accident or people staring at me because I looked like I was in a lot of pain. Strangers asking me if I was ok, how can you tell them nooo I am not and no one can help me.

What do I do? Yep find a proper Naturopath and I did here at Alpha Natural Health Centre. I travel from Bundaberg to Maryborough once a month to get my herbs and things I need so I can live a better life. She is amazing and has helped me get so much better that now I can eat at least a meal a day, the herbs of course taste like crap, lol, but they work and that’s the main thing. Thank you so much Deb for helping me so much I don’t know where I would be without you.

M.M. Hervey Bay

 We met this beautiful soul 15 years ago. She has helped my daughter, her son and myself. Not only health wise but also with her guidance and counselling. My daughter has suffered from a number of issues which Deb has put right. Her herbs and tonics have proven to us natural medicine does wonders. I have been helped with my sciatica, weight issues and my all round health. I am certain we would not be where we are today if we hadn’t found (we call her) Our Deb.

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